Deep Coaching for inner innovation leadership and purpose

Deep Coaching for inner innovation leadership and purpose

To learn how to be, think and perform in the present moment and future

My name is Alessandro and I am a professional Life – Leadership and Wellbeing Coach.

I am the coach who can help you feel good, understand yourself and be motivated in connection with your current and future life. 

A really Holistic approach


Profound and concrete to live your goals and your purpose

Based on neuroscience

Help you integrate feeling, meaning and doing

In connection with your spiritual journey

For moms, fathers, leaders, manager and students who want to thrive


International coaching standards

Strengths Theory, Positive Psychology, Stages of Change, Flow,
Motivational Interviewing.
Functional Medicine Health Coaching and Ayurveda.
Conscious Leadership.
Breath- work and meditation.
Neuroscience: Emotional Intelligence, Goal Setting, Resilience, Empathy, Positive Emotions.

Coaching could help:

To accept and transform life

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